I’ll Take Algebraic Equations for 500, Alex

Create using Power Point
Create using Power Point

What keeps people hanging on the edge of their seats? Cliff hangers? Suspense? Alex Trebek? Okay, maybe Mr. Trebek is not that eccentric of a character but he does understands his viewers’ perspective. The game show Jeopardy is a popular media syndication because it celebrates risks and encourages contestants to take challenges.

As educators, we face risks everyday in the classroom. Students wager their education against popularity contests, and this proposes a challenge for us. How can we effectively engage students our students academically while maintaining the element of fun?

Cue the “Think” music…

Create You Own Jeopardy Game: Introduce the popular game show to your math class by incorporating review terms and concepts in a Power Point presentation. It works for all grades and high school students will welcome the friendly competition of displaying their knowledge to the class. Math Jeopardy is perfect for the Smartboard but teachers can create a similar version on a chalkboard.

Six categories. Five questions. Three contestants. It’s GAME TIME!


STEM Careers

Math proficiency is the gateway to a number of incredible careers that students may have never considered.

Danica McKellar

What is STEM Careers?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. STEM careers are the financial future of tomorrow. For those of you who are fortunate to work in this industry, continue to keep your fingers on the pulse of current events. If you do not work or aspire to have a STEM career, not a problem. You can still benefit from the fruits of your labor by taking courses in these fields.

STEM Degrees and Certificates

There are many colleges and universities that offer degree and certificate programs for STEM careers. Community colleges offer some affordable options for prospective students who would like to obtain an associate degree and technical training. If you’re a Philadelphia resident, you might want to check out The Community College of Philadelphia for their available degree and certificate programs.

STEM Majors

Let’s look at this subject by each letter of the acronym. Side note: Certificate programs (c).

S- Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology (c), Fire Science, and Building Science

T- Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Programming and Software Development, Computer Information Systems (CIS), and Computer Forensics

E- Agricultural Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Process Technology (c), and Applied Science and Engineering Technology

M- Mathematics, Secondary Education (math concentration), Geometry, and Accounting

Mathway is the Best Way


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Mathway- math application for students

I must say that I am excited that Mathway has an app for Android and Apple devices. I wrote about this over a year ago and now I have it installed on my Android phone. If you do not have it already, I highly recommend that you download it for free on  iTunes or Google Play today.