Vocabulary-Exponential Functions

Exponential function
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Exponential function: a function that has an independent variable that can be represented as an exponent or a base.

is the format use to write exponential functions

is an example of an exponential function

Exponential growth: A function expresses exponential growth when the constant is positive and the rate of change is proportional to the value given for x.

is an example of exponential growth
What is an exponential function?
An exponential function is an function that has a positive permanent base of any real number written in this form
Rules of exponential functions
  • Addition-  add the exponents or add the exponents, multiply the coefficients
  • Subtraction- subtract the exponents or subtract the exponents, divide the coefficients

  • Multiplication- base stays the same, multiply exponents
  • Division- write the inverse
The power 0 of a base is 1.
The initial value is always the number before the base.
The base is the coefficient before the variable.
The variable is the exponent.
When there isn’t an initial value, the value of the number is 1.

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